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What is our pet sitting cancellation policy and why do we enforce it?

     In every business, I am sure you will find a cancellation policy. This policy protects the consumer and the business to make sure that they are mutually committed to the transaction and for the business to be able to adequately schedule their staff for services.

     Especially in the pet sitting world, where we can only be in one place at a time, in particular, for an overnight, these policies are extremely important. Our clients book a year to 2 days out and we need to be able to tell them if we can help them.


     It is shared between the business and your pet sitter who was counting on the income from the booking. Often times our sitters plan their vacations and family time around our client's schedules!   In fact, some of them hold their client's schedules more important than their own because they love the pets so much!   So this fee, is strictly enforced to repay the staff for their dedication to the job.  The client always has the ability to refuse to pay it, but the chances of us accepting further bookings are slim to none.  We want clients who respect us as much as we respect them, their homes, and pets.

     The cancellation policy is found under the policies tab on our website. It is also handed to the clients at the consultation visit.   It is in the terms that they “click here to agree” and beside every single booking that they create online.

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