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Meet Our Team

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Leanne Demus, Owner
I started It's Raining Cats & Dogs in 2008 when I was laid off from my corporate job.  I had a 25-year career in marketing, advertising, and communications.  With my work experience and my love and passion for animals, a friend suggested I start a pet sitting and dog walking business.  I didn't know much about the industry, so I set off to research everything and anything having to do with pet sitting and dog walking.  Although I very much enjoyed my career, I absolutely LOVE what I'm doing now!  After all, I get to see happy, smiling faces and wagging tails many times throughout the day; what could be better than that?.

I currently have 4 cats, Viggo, Zeus, Dash, and Sierra, all rescues.  I would love to have a dog or two, but unfortunately, I don't have space.  Plus, since I'm gone most of the day and evening taking care of my client's pets, I would have to hire a dog walking company to take care of my dogs,  For now, I'm very happy I have wonderful, loving, and precious dogs as clients.

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